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Mohak Malhotra

Developer & Technologist

6+ years of experience in web2 & web3

Passionate about Defi, Zk infra, Account Abstraction & Security.



I work with ambitious startups on difficult problems. I also love buffalo wings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



  • Full stack development

  • Smart contract development

  • Value advisory 

  • System architecture

  • DevOps

  • On-chain security


  • EthSingapore 2023 winner (2 first prizes) 🏆

  • EthDenver 2023 winner (3 first prizes, 5 total) 🏆

  • Optimism Superhack 2023 (2nd) 🏆

  • EthLisbon 2022 winner 🏆

  • HackOnChain 2022 winner (2nd) 🏆

  • Leadership mentor @ Monash University 2022


zkJoey (zkSync)

  • The web 2.5 DApp uses Web3Modal for user authentication and blockchain wallet interaction, and features a multisig account abstraction in the credit wallet to allow co-signing on credit lines. It is hosted on the ZKSync layer for swift, low-cost transactions and integrates with Circle for direct payments to the credit wallet

  • The setup also includes a Python-based Signal Adapter to gather data from Circle Business Account, Stripe, and credit scores from Spectral and Flock, as well as to use invoices from as collateral.

  • Another Python application, the Evaluation Agent, uses the data collected by the Signal Adapter to evaluate and endorse credit, assessing user creditworthiness.

  • To enhance transaction efficiency, it employs ZKBob for streamlined direct deposit transfers from a central pool to the end users.

Eternal Commons Optimism Retro PGF

  • On-chain information, mainly EAS, is being fetched, along with the very nice endpoints they provide.

  • In creating this product, utility functions such as schema and Quadratic Funding have been created.

Kaviar (World's first zk cross-chain privacy pool)

Hardhat Plugin for Account Abstraction

  • Plugin to ease building user operations for ERC-4337

Polygon RWA & DEFI pools

  • Integrated several protocols such as Polytrade, Sommelier, on Polygon for web 2.5 RWA & Defi lending, invoice financing, vault and re-balancing use cases which was used for $6 million on-chain funds 

Concordium ERC721-soulbound implementation (Rust)

  • Implemented concordium kyc-based soulbound badges for identity and DIDs

Smart contract audit & project evaluation for Usher labs

  • Usher is an open-Source Partnerships Platform that enables Brands to grow through performance-based marketing.

Sommelier Finance on-chain ML Compound adapter

  • Credough oracle allows DeFi platforms to understand the real credit risk of profiles across their communities, by incorporating both traditional financial credit scores (web2) and web 3 scores.


Sep 2023 - Present

Freelance Blockchain Tech Lead


  • Building a ML-VRM Avatar Platform on Polygon co-founded by Spartan Capital (labs)

May 2023 - Present


Sep 2022 - Present

Enterprise Architect


  • Banking & Financial Services EA

Jun 2022 - Aug 2023

Freelance Fullstack Blockchain Developer

  • Freelance (Ethereum, Polygon, zkSync, Optimism)

Jan 2022- May 2022

Blockchain Engineer & Advisor


  • APJ enterprise DeFi expert, built system architecture plans and proposals

  • Developed crypto merchant payment application prototype on Tezos integrated with SAP Ariba Pay while leveraging the SAP BTP

  • Developed content and expert POVs for topics & trends around web3, tokenomics, decentralised finance, enterprise adoption & governance

  • Increased Asia Pacific wide Blockchain customer engagements by 120%

Apr 2021- Jan 2022

Solution Architect


  • Formulated banking & utilities solution architecture details including timelines, approach, scope, risks and assumptions, taking into account various delivery options considering, scope, cost, quality and risks.

  • Designed solution implementation

  • Created RFP’s, resource allocation documents etc. based on customer's specification

Jul 2020- Dec 2020

AI Full Stack Engineer

ANZ Bank (

  • RealAS was a property price prediction marketplace serving 30,000 monthly active users which got acquired by ANZ bank. Tech stack: React, Nodejs (Express), Django, GCP, Microservices, Docker & Kubernetes, TF and Pytorch

  • Proficiently utilised GCP cloud services, leveraging compute engines and Kubernetes for streamlined server hosting and agile microservice architecture. With hands-on experience in crafting robust software architectures, I adeptly integrated backend operations using Node.js frameworks with dynamic front-end elements developed in React, paving the way for innovative, scalable, and efficient solutions in the property tech space.

Mar 2018- June-2020, Jan 2021 -Aug 2021

Technical Customer Engineer


  • Focused on Banking & Retail sector developing and integrating extensions to SAP's cloud solutions, working closely with product and sales teams to advance our position in next-gen technologies.

  • My responsibilities included creating new business and service models that effectively combined IoT, blockchain, machine learning, and AI with existing technology to drive business impact.

  • Built POCs, business and service models for executive board members and shareholders in agile sprints. Tech stack: Backend-(Django, Express), Containers-(Docker & Kubernetes), Data-(SAP HANA, SAP BTP, Postgresql, Firebase), API (Rest, Odata), Hosting: SAP & GCP



Monash University

Bachelors of Engineering (w Honours)

Bachelors of Commerce (Finance)









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